MAGsocial DeTOUR℠ - Making Scents of Art

Selected date

Thursday May 20

Selected time

6:00 PM  –  8:00 PM

Though art tries to engage all the senses, scent is often overlooked. Scent has a very strong link to memory and connects to the emotional regions of the brain more directly than other senses. On this enhanced MAGsocial DeTOUR℠ we are teaming up with our friends from Scents by Design to give you an immersive experience that will dazzle your eyes and your nose. The DeTOUR℠ will start out at Scents by Design where you will be able to make your own unique candle based on your favorite fragrances and then we will head over to MAG where we will look at works of art and imagine what aromas (or odors) the artists were trying to convey.

Join us for a night of fun as we make sweet (or floral or citrusy or woodsy) memories that will linger in your living room and last in your brain.

$30/ticket includes unique candle by Scents by Design, DeTOUR℠, and museum admission.

Space is limited.

Masks are required.